What do YOUR students think of you?

Found this on my wind screen as I was leaving work one day. Left there by one of my students…

I try. 


Ancient History

Remember when we used to have to print out films and display them on view boxes?

 You don’t?

Dang! I’m old…

Indications for an exam…Indications for an exam!!

Gathering data before you start your exam  (i.e. lab values, family history, surgeries, smoking, drug use, etc.) provides you with a road map as to what you should be looking for.

Diagnostic Ultrasound: Text and Cases – Dennis A. Sarti

My textbook: circa 1987

Sonographer’s wish to you: “May your Days Always be Hyperechoic.”

State of the Ark

What was once “State-of-the-Art” is now “State-of-the-Ark”

Required Reading while in Radiography School

We were given an assignment to write a paper on ultrasound while in Radiography school. This book was published in 1980: I used it for my “General uses of Ultrasound” paper.