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Six Sigma: Lecture 5 – Measure / Data Collection

six sigma measure

Six Sigma Lecture 5 Measure-Data Collection

Presented by Harry H. Holdorf

A typical rotating anode X-ray tube 

An X-ray tube is a vacuum tube which converts electrical input power into X-rays.

Six Sigma: Lecture 4 IMPROVE

Six sigma improve

Six Sigma Lecture 4 -Improve

Presented by Harry H Holdorf


Six Sigma: Lecture 3 DEFINE

SIx sigma define

Six Sigma Lecture 3 -DEFINE Training

Presented by Harry H Holdorf


Adult Echocardiography: Lecture 4 Technique and Patient Care


Adult Echocardiography Lecture 4. Technique and Patient Care

Harry H Holdorf


Don’t pretend to be an obstetrical sonographer if you don’t know what this is…

The original “Wheel of Fortune”