Adult Echocardiography: Lecture 7 – The Mitral Valve


Adult Echocardiography. Lecture 7. The Mitral Valve

Harry H Holdorf



Kidney Day

Abdominal Arts and Crafts time

Student: can I make a pancreas project we can eat?

Me: make it healthy

Student: no problem

Teachers. Remember…

20% of your students love you.

20% of your students hate you.

And the rest…don’t care

Always keep two steps ahead of the bad guys: Stay educated, keep a moral compass, and come to work fit. 

Vascular Technology 1B. Lecture 1. Blood Pressure 2017


Vascular Technology Lecture 1B. Vascular Technology Chapter one. Blood pressure 2017

Harry H Holdorf


Vascular Technology Lecture 1 – The Cardiac Cycle Part 1B 2017

Vascular Technology the cardiac cycle

Vascular Technology Lecture 1A. The Cardiac Cycle part 2

Harry H Holdorf