Here you can find documents to use if you choose:

  1. An Update on Ergonomic Issues in Sonography (PDF document)
  2. A Sonographer’s Graduation Speech (Word document)
  3. Does your school have a Project Registration promise form?
    (Word document)
  4. A Career in Ultrasound (Powerpoint document)
  5. Accreditation, A site visitor’s perspective (Powerpoint document)
  6. First-Day Clinical Orientation (Word document)
  7. Attendance Audit (Word document)
  8. Careers in Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Nursing
    (Powerpoint document)
  9. Thinking of a Career in Ultrasound (Word document)
  10. Anytime Anywhere Rubric (Word document)
  11. Understanding Radiation Safety (Powerpoint document)
  12. Multiple pregnancies study sheet (OB) (Word document)
  13. Cover Letter Template (Word document)
  14. Clinical Rules & Syllabus (Word document)
  15. Routing Day Form (Word document)
  16. Career Presentation Agenda (Word document)
  17. Clinical Practicum 1 Student Evaluation (Word document)
  18. Clinical Practicum 2 Skills Lab Objectives (Word document)
  19. Shoulder Sonography Study Sheet (Word document)
  20. Clinical Practicum 2 Obstetrics Skills Lab Didactic Component
    (Word document)
  21. Clinical Attendance Memorandum (Word document)
  22. The Fetal Face and Neck – A Primer (Powerpoint document)
  23. Clinical Practicum 3 Evaluation Form (Word document)
  24. Essential Study Skills for the Sonographer Student in 12 Easy Steps:
    1. Orientation 1: Discovering and Using Your Learning Styles
    2. Orientation 2: Processing Information
    3. Orientation 3: Managing Your Time
    4. Orientation 4: Setting Goals
    5. Orientation 5: Increasing Concentration, Decreasing Stress
    6. Orientation 6: Boosting Memory and Test Preparation
    7. Orientation 7: Reading College Textbooks
    8. Orientation 8: Strengthening Comprehension
    9. Orientation 9: Taking Textbook Notes
    10. Orientation 10: Listening to Lectures and Taking Notes
    11. Orientation 11: Developing Strategies for Test Taking
    12. Orientation 12: Developing Strategies for Essay and “Fill-in-the-blank” Questions
  25. Orientation Agenda (Word document)
  26. Orientation Time Management Strategies (Word document)
  27. Staging Carcinoma CT Scan (Powerpoint document)
  28. Research Workshop (Word document)
  29. Informative Outline Topical Template (Word document)
  30. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and CT Scan Presentation
    (Powerpoint document)
  31. Great Expectations I: Be the Star of Your Own Interview
    (Powerpoint document)
  32. Great Expectations II: Proper Interview Preparation
    (Word document)
  33. Cesarean Scar Pregnancy (Powerpoint document)
  34. Ultrasound Technologist Sample Job Description
    (Word document)
  35. Student Case Log (Word document)
  36. Professional Teaching Portfolio (Powerpoint document)
  37. How to Develop a Research Topic (Powerpoint document)
  38. Job Search Decisions (Word document)
  39. Medical Legal Issues in Sonography (Powerpoint document)

Please give credit where credit is due, if you end up using any of these documents, cite to this web site or the original source.


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