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The Layers of Renal Artery Detection via Ultrasound 

Pharmacology and Laboratory Analysis for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


Pharmacology and Laboratory Analysis for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 2017

Harry H Holdorf


Arterial Line Placement with Ultrasound Guidance

arterial line placement

Arterial Line Placement with Ultrasound Guidance 2017

Dr. Harry Hulbert Holdorf


Skills Laboratory Assignment: Vascular Technology/Extra-Cranial Doppler

vascular pic

The purpose of this assignment is to provide student sonographers with important information regarding their advancing carotid (Extra-cranial) Doppler investigations.

Vascular Technology. CAROTID assignments


Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood Pressure: Normally 120/80

120 = Systolic pressure which measures CARDIAC OUTPUT

80 = Diastolic Pressure which measures PERIPHERAL RESISTANCE

Harry H. Holdorf



Varicose Veins


Varicose Veins

By Harry H. Holdorf