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Adult Echocardiography: Course Introduction, Objectives, and Lecture ONE


Adult Echocardiography Course Introduction, Objectives, and Lecture ONE

Harry H Holdorf



Pharmacology and Laboratory Analysis for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


Pharmacology and Laboratory Analysis for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 2017

Harry H Holdorf


The King (left ventricle) and his court

As in life, there can be only one commander: and as far as the heart is concerned, the left ventricle is the King of the castle.

Lecture 23: Adult Echocardiography: Final Exam


Lecture 23 FINAL EXAM Adult Echocardiography

Harry H. Holdorf


Adult Echocardiography: Lecture 22 Final Exam Reivew 3

Exam stress

Lecture 22 Adult Echocardiography FINAL EXAM Review Part 3

Harry H. Holdorf


Lecture 21: Adult Echocardiography Final Exam Prep 2

examination stress

Lecture 21 Adult Echocardiography Final Exam Prep 2

Harry H. Holdorf


Lecture 20 Adult Echocardiography: Final Exam Preparation Part 1

Final exam prep

Lecture 20 Final Exam Preparation Part 1

Harry H. Holdorf