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Going Through a Student Admission Drought? Look no further than you Admission Process!

Confused-StudentGoing through a Student admission drought

By Harry H. Holdorf

Six Sigma – White Belt Training (Presentation & Test)

Six Sigma White Belt Training
By: Harry H. Holdorf


This Powerpoint presentation addresses the fact that all health care workers and students should hold a Six Sigma White Belt.

  • Six Sigma White Belt training is designed to provide knowledge to all health care staff and students to help identify waste and other process improvement opportunities.
  • While we cannot initiate a project or process changes ourselves, the training/certification is meant to provide us with the background to identify opportunities that we should then bring to our managers as suggestions for improvements.

Six Sigma White Belt Test
You can find the answers to this test in the password-protected “Student” page on this website.

  1. The following Process Improvement Methodologies are used in many Health Care facilities
    1. DMAIC
    2. PDCA
    3. LEAN
    4. All of the above
  2. Registering our patients is a Value Added activity. T or F
  3. Process Improvement promotes most Health Care Values. T or F
  4. All that are listed below are Wastes, EXCEPT:
    1. Transportation
    2. Waiting
    3. Measurement
    4. Over-production
  5. If you have an idea about how to make things better, you should
    1. Talk to your supervisor about your idea and ask them if you can JUST DO IT.
    2. Keep it to yourself; you won’t be allowed to do it anyway.
    3. Schedule a Work Out session to see if everyone likes your idea
  6. Which of these are Key Improvement Initiatives for a typical health care system?
    1. Length of Stay (LOS) & Capacity Management
    2. National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) & Joint Commission
    3. Patient Satisfaction & Department Specific Goals
    4. A and C only
    5. All of the above
  7. Most health care facilities do not post performance metrics about how they are doing on their Key Initiatives. T or F
  8. There is usually only one version of a Process Map. T or F
  9. People do not change their behavior in response to being measured. T or F
  10. If you are performing at 99% effectiveness, you are doing better than Six Sigma. T or F
  11. Who can have an impact on the success of a health care facility?
    1. Patients and their families
    2. Senior Administration
    3. Hospital Staff
    4. Department Heads
    5. A, B, and D only
    6. All of the above
  12. If we want to do a project to try to make things better in our department, we could:
    1. Contact a Process Improvement Specialist for guidance
    2. Make sure we can measure our performance to know if our change had an impact
    3. Communicate with other areas that could be impacted if we make a change
    4. Work as a team to figure out what we can try as a project
    5. All of the above