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Introduction to Sonography (Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Medical Sonography) & Cross Sectional Anatomy (Gynecology) student projects.


Professional Qualities, Conduct, and Behavior Expected of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Student


Orientation. Professional Qualities Conduct and Behavior for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Student

Harry H Holdorf


Life Hacks for Sonography Students (How to survive your clinical rotations)



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Introduction to Sonography: Medical Legal Issues in Sonography 2016

Upset businesswoman standing behind bars in jail


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Introduction to Ultrasound: Image Interpretation

Introduction IMage INter

Introduction TO SONOGRAPHY-Image Interpretation

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Patient Transfer Techniques for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Patient Transfers

Patient Transfers for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Presented by:

Dr. Kristin Schroeder PT, DPT


Harry H. Holdorf

Time Management Strategies for Medical Students

Time managment cartoon

Time Management Strategies for Medical Students

By Harry H. Holdorf