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A typical rotating anode X-ray tube 

An X-ray tube is a vacuum tube which converts electrical input power into X-rays.

Uniting Nuclear Medicine with Ultrasound

eat_sleep_nuclear_medicine_mugUniting Nuclear Medicine with Ultrasound

By Harry H. Holdorf

Uniting MRI with Ultrasound

MRI-scan-130415Uniting MRI with Ultrasound

By Harry H. Holdorf

Angiography 101

angiography picAngiography 101

By Harry H. Holdorf

CT Scans no better than other tests for predicting a heart attack

WOMEN_HEARTCT and Chest Pain

CT scans, vs. Echocardiography, vs. Nuclear Medicine: Is the amount of Radiation that a CT scan delivers to a patient ever considered when a physician orders  imaging for predicting a heart attack? Probably not!

Harry H. Holdorf

Positron Emissions Tomography

Positron emissions tomographypet_exam

By Harry H. Holdorf

Radiography Powerpoint

Radiography 1-2-3 Presentation
By: Harry H. Holdorf


This presentation covers the following topics regarding Radiography:

  • Historical Background
  • Indications for When to Order
  • Risks of Radiography
  • Benefits of Radiography
  • A Patient Being Put Through the Test: The Role of Ultrasonography In The Evaluation of Maxillary Sinusitis In Pediatrics