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Abdominal Arts and Crafts time

Student: can I make a pancreas project we can eat?

Me: make it healthy

Student: no problem

Teachers. Remember…

20% of your students love you.

20% of your students hate you.

And the rest…don’t care

What do YOUR students think of you?

Found this on my wind screen as I was leaving work one day. Left there by one of my students…

I try. 

Sonographer’s wish to you: “May your Days Always be Hyperechoic.”

When you thought Ultrasound School would be easy peasy lemon sneezy, but it’s actually difficult difficut lemon difficult

Give me an example of when this does NOT apply… I’ll wait.

I’ve seen a few of these in my career…

How to Survive Ultrasound School: 



TEACHING. It’s a Two-Way Street.


Harry H. Holdorf