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Preparing for your Job Interview Part 1


Preparing for your Job Interview Part 1. Questions with example answers

Harry H. Holdorf



Student / Graduate Portfolio

student portfolio

Student – Graduate PORTFOLIO

Harry H. Holdorf

Great Expectations!! Be the star of your own job search. Edit version


Great Expectations!!! Be the Star of your own job search (Edit version).

Harry H. Holdorf

Try these the next time you are called in for an interview…


Girls just wanna have fun, when the workin’ day is done.


Just won a scholarship? Give a nice acceptance speech!!!


Scholarship Winner Speech

By Harry Hulbert Holdorf

Job Search Decisions

ArmstrongPicassoJob Search Decisions
By: Harry H. Holdorf

Job Search Decisions
(Pablo Picasso vs. Lance Armstrong)

    • How long should your resume’ be?
      • Lance Armstrong would make his resume’ 5 pages long, listing all his accomplishments from the past 10 years.
      • Pablo Picasso would: Write a resume’ not more than 2 pages long, highlighting his significant accomplishments.
    • Writing an Objective statement:
      • Lance Armstrong would write a three sentence objective, stating how he wants a job that would showcase his wonderful talents.
      • Pablo Picasso would write a one sentence objective, stating exactly what job he is applying to.
    • Checking typos:
      • Lance Armstrong would not proof read his resume’ and leave most of this Texting speak just where it is…lol.
      • Pablo Picasso would have his resume’ proof read by at least 3 other people.
    • Lying:
      • Lance Armstrong would well…you know the answer to this one.
      • Pablo Picasso would never, ever lie. No need to. He’s frickin’ Pablo Picasso!!
    • Tailoring the resume’ to the job
      • Lance Armstrong would be all over the place. He’d fill those 10 pages with stuff that had no relevance to the job he was applying to.
      • Pablo Picasso would know that he has to fill space, but would not sacrifice quality for quantity.
    • Including random, unrelated, or off-putting hobbies.
      • Lance Armstrong would list his love for running and swimming and that he’s active in this book club.
      • Pablo Picasso would List only hobbies that would be relevant to the job he is applying to.
    • Putting the wrong contact information:
      • Lance Armstrong would misspell his e-mail address and thus, would lose all hope of getting the job
      • Pablo Picasso would put his correct e-mail address, work phone, cell phone, Facebook account.
    • Not including one
      • Lance Armstrong would forget to include one.
      • Pablo Picasso WOULD include one.
    • Putting the wrong Company name on the cover letter
      • Lance Armstrong would. Yes, he would
      • Pablo Picasso: no way
    • Not making it clear why you want the position:
      • Lance Armstrong would just say he wants to be hired, but not why.
      • Pablo Picasso would say he wants the position and why the company would want to hire him.
    • Not responding back to the hiring manager in a timely manner
      • Lance Armstrong would wait about 3 days to say “ok, I’m free to interview”
      • Pablo Picasso would respond within 1 day
    • Showing up late:
      • Lance Armstrong would arrive about 10 minutes late and say “I’m HERE!!!”
      • Pablo Picasso would arrive about 10 minutes early, but not too early. (Showing up more than 30 minutes early is almost as bad as showing up late…ALMOST).
    • Having a terrible handshake
      • Lance Armstrong would extend a wet palm and have a weak handshake
      • Pablo Picasso would extend a dry palm and have a firm, NOT TOO FIRM, handshake.
    • Not doing enough research
      • Lance Armstrong would just show up for an interview and not research the company. He then would ask a few “stupid” questions (questions he should know the answers to).
      • Pablo Picasso would research his interview company and ask SMART questions (questions he would not be expected to know the answers to).
    • Talking too much
      • Lance Armstrong would talk on and on about his accomplishments and never take a breath
      • Pablo Picasso would let his accomplishes talk for themselves
    • Bad-Mouthing the old employer
      • Lance Armstrong would do just that
      • Pablo Picasso would never talk smack about anyone during an interview.
    • Getting too casual
      • Lance Armstrong would sit back and get close and personal
      • Pablo Picasso would keep it professional.
    • Not having questions for the interviewer
      • Lance Armstrong when asked “Do you have any questions for me?” would respond, “no”.
      • Pablo Picasso has three smart questions; those that he would not be expected to know the answers to.
    • Not sending a thank-you note:
      • Lance Armstrong would forget the names and titles of whom he met so he wouldn’t know who to send it to.
      • Pablo Picasso would take everyone’s name and titles down and send a thank-you note to everyone who has clout. He would do that between day one and day three after the interview.
    • Following up on Social Media
      • Lance Armstrong would reach out to the hiring manager using social media, showing everyone he knows how to use social media. Big deal
      • Pablo Picasso would never do this, knowing that reaching out via social medial is too cozy and could jeopardize his chances of getting the job.
    • Lance didn’t get the gig
    • Pablo did!