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Teachers. Remember…

20% of your students love you.

20% of your students hate you.

And the rest…don’t care


A typical rotating anode X-ray tube 

An X-ray tube is a vacuum tube which converts electrical input power into X-rays.

AFC Region III Conference Certified College Professional Presentation


AFC Region III Joint Spring Conference April 21 2017 CCP presentation

Harry H Holdorf


Life Hacks for Sonography Students (How to survive your clinical rotations)



Harry H. Holdorf


Obstetrical Sonography 1: Ultrasound Bowl – Prep for Midterm

raise hand

Obstetrical Sonography 1. US BOWL chapter 5 Review for Midterm

Harry H. Holdorf



Clinical Competency: Upper Extremity Arterial Assessment


Clinical Competency. Upper Extremity Arterial Assessment

Harry Hulbert Holdorf


Labor and Delivery Objectives for the Sonography Student

L & D

Clinical Competency. Labor and delivery Objectives

Harry Hulbert Holdorf