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Always keep two steps ahead of the bad guys: Stay educated, keep a moral compass, and come to work fit. 

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Life Hacks for Sonography Students (How to survive your clinical rotations)



Harry H. Holdorf


Clinical Competency: Upper Extremity Arterial Assessment


Clinical Competency. Upper Extremity Arterial Assessment

Harry Hulbert Holdorf


Labor and Delivery Objectives for the Sonography Student

L & D

Clinical Competency. Labor and delivery Objectives

Harry Hulbert Holdorf


Initial Student Assessment prior to Mid-Semester Evaluation for Clinical Performance


Clinical Evaluation of students. Initial student assessment prior to Mid- semester Evaluation

Harry Hulbert Holdorf



Clinical Practicum 1. The Abdominal Cavity:Anatomical and Physiological Relationships


The Abdominal Cavity. Anatomical and Physiological Relationships

Harry H. Holdorf