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Always keep two steps ahead of the bad guys: Stay educated, keep a moral compass, and come to work fit. 

Merry Christmas 2016!!

Life Hacks for Sonography Students (How to survive your clinical rotations)



Harry H. Holdorf


Labor and Delivery Objectives for the Sonography Student

L & D

Clinical Competency. Labor and delivery Objectives

Harry Hulbert Holdorf


Initial Student Assessment prior to Mid-Semester Evaluation for Clinical Performance


Clinical Evaluation of students. Initial student assessment prior to Mid- semester Evaluation

Harry Hulbert Holdorf



Meet the Medical Director/Medical Adviser of your Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

medical advisor

Meet the radiologist medical adviser – medical director press conference

Want to introduce your students to your program’s medical director/adviser?


  • Have each student craft a question
  • Review each question and edit if necessary
  • Arrange to have your medical adviser answer each question as though she was holding a press conference.

Harry H. Holdorf

Introducing students to the Ultrasound Machine: Group Project Time!!


GE vs. Siemens Machine Project

Harry H. Holdorf

Introducing students to the ultrasound machine by assigning half the class GE and the other half Siemens.  Their charge? They need to sell you their machine via a presentation that should address all issues and points outlined in the attached.