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Graduation Requirement: Student Exposure to a set amount of Exams


Set a requirement of how many exams each student must enter into their daily log sheets for the entire program, keeping in mind that this is in addition to the required number of exams each student must complete as a graduation requirement.

Program CLINICAL TOTALS agreement between students and Faulty

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Be Conscious of your Sub-conscious


For all students to think about while in their clinical practicums.

There may be things that you do that you are unaware of.

Note to Faculty: This may be a bigger issue than anticipated!!

BE Conscious of your SubConscious (1)

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Mid-Semester Student Audit of their Clinical Experiences

Lost and Confused Signpost

Mid-Semester Student Audit of their Clinical Progress

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Attention Students! You Need to Understand Your Clinical Evaluation


Effective Leadership. Students!! Understanding Your Clinical Evaluation

Students need to understand that not all clinical instructors have mastered the essential managerial skills to effectively evaluate their clinical performances in a fair and equable manner.

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Labor and Delivery Objectives for the Sonography Student

L & D

Clinical Competency. Labor and delivery Objectives

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Initial Student Assessment prior to Mid-Semester Evaluation for Clinical Performance


Clinical Evaluation of students. Initial student assessment prior to Mid- semester Evaluation

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Sonographers in the Clinical Setting


Sonographers in the Clinical Setting

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