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Indications for an exam…Indications for an exam!!

Gathering data before you start your exam  (i.e. lab values, family history, surgeries, smoking, drug use, etc.) provides you with a road map as to what you should be looking for.

Pharmacology and Laboratory Analysis for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


Pharmacology and Laboratory Analysis for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 2017

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Life Hacks for Sonography Students (How to survive your clinical rotations)



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Introduction to Sonography: Sonographers in the Clinical Setting



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Patient Transfer Packet


Patient Transfer Packet. Skills Laboratory Assessment

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Graduation Requirement: Student Exposure to a set amount of Exams


Set a requirement of how many exams each student must enter into their daily log sheets for the entire program, keeping in mind that this is in addition to the required number of exams each student must complete as a graduation requirement.

Program CLINICAL TOTALS agreement between students and Faulty

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