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A typical rotating anode X-ray tube 

An X-ray tube is a vacuum tube which converts electrical input power into X-rays.

Ancient History

Remember when we used to have to print out films and display them on view boxes?

 You don’t?

Dang! I’m old…

Diagnostic Ultrasound: Text and Cases – Dennis A. Sarti

My textbook: circa 1987

State of the Ark

What was once “State-of-the-Art” is now “State-of-the-Ark”

Required Reading while in Radiography School

We were given an assignment to write a paper on ultrasound while in Radiography school. This book was published in 1980: I used it for my “General uses of Ultrasound” paper.

From the Vault

Aluminum Step Wedge

An Aluminum Step Wedge is used to start a quality assurance program for clinical radiography. It can also be used in the calibration of x-ray machines, and are used as a quality assurance test in monitoring film processing used in radiography. They are also used for the  measurement and analysis of x-ray beam quality.