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Ultrasound of the Abdomen Part 1 Lecture 10: The Urinary Tract Part II

hello kidney

Urinary Tract part II

Harry H. Holdorf



Graduation Requirement: Student Exposure to a set amount of Exams


Set a requirement of how many exams each student must enter into their daily log sheets for the entire program, keeping in mind that this is in addition to the required number of exams each student must complete as a graduation requirement.

Program CLINICAL TOTALS agreement between students and Faulty

Harry H. Holdorf


Abdominal Sonography 1: Lecture 9-The Kidney and Urinary Tract Part 1


Abdominal Sonography 1. Lecture 9 The Kidney and Urinary Tract Part 1

Harry H. Holdorf


Obstetrics: Ultrasound Evaluation of the Fetal Heart

fetal heart

Obstetrics. Lecture 14 Ultrasound Evaluation of the Fetal Heart

Harry H. Holdorf




Skills Laboratory Assignment: Vascular Technology/Extra-Cranial Doppler

vascular pic

The purpose of this assignment is to provide student sonographers with important information regarding their advancing carotid (Extra-cranial) Doppler investigations.

Vascular Technology. CAROTID assignments


Obstetrical Sonography 1: Lecture 13-The Fetal Thorax


Obstetrical Sonography 1. Lecture 13 The Fetal Thorax

Harry H. Holdorf