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Technical Standards for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Technical Standards for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer should be married to create a fair, and legal document for you admission’s criteria.

The ADA and Technical Standards

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Mid-Semester Student Audit of their Clinical Experiences

Lost and Confused Signpost

Mid-Semester Student Audit of their Clinical Progress

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Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood Pressure Regulation

Blood Pressure: Normally 120/80

120 = Systolic pressure which measures CARDIAC OUTPUT

80 = Diastolic Pressure which measures PERIPHERAL RESISTANCE

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TEACHING. It’s a Two-Way Street.


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Vascular Technology: Cross-Sectional Imaging of the Lower Extremeity Venous Leg Exam


Harry H. Holdorf PhD, MPA, RDMS (Ab, OB/Gyn, Br), RVT, LRT(AS)

Dan Clancy MBA, RDMS (Ab, Ob/Gyn)

Vascular 1

Vascular 2

Vascular 3

Vascular 5

vascular 5 which is really 5

Vascular 6

Vascular 7

Vascular 8

Vascular 9

Vascular 10

Vascular 11

Vascular 12

Vascular 13

Vascular 14

Vascular 15



Ultrasound of the Abdomen Part 1: Lecture 8-The Gastrointestinal Tract


Abdominal Sonography 1 Lecture 8 The Gastrointestinal Tract

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Obstetrical Sonography 1: Lecture 11 The Fetal Face and Neck: KEY POINTS

fetal face and neck 2

Obstetrical Sonography 1 Lecture 11. the face and neck KEY POINTS

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