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Physics: Imaging Artifacts


Physics. Imaging Artifacts

Harry H. Holdorf


Doppler Ultrasound of the Neck Vessels


Carotid, ICA, ECA, Vertebrals, Circle of Willis

Harry H. Holdorf

Adult Echocardiography: Lecture 7 The Mitral Valve

mitral valve

Adult Echocardiography Lecture 7 The Mitral valve

Harry H. Holdorf

Abdomen: Arts and Crafts Time!!!!

Group project time…again.

Create a story-board for better understanding the abdominal vessels.

Abdomen project XSA

Pancreas Project XSA

Abdomen project XSA2

Arts and Crafts ONE abdominal anatomy

Harry H. Holdorf

Physics: Hemodynamics


Physics. Hemodynamics and Physical Principles

Harry H. Holdorf

Adult Echocardiography: The Pulmonic Valve- Lecture 6

Pulmonic Valve

Adult Echocardiography. Lecture 6 The Pulmonic Valve

Harry H. Holdorf

Think Tank – Cross Sectional Anatomy: Abdominal Vasculature


Think Tank 1 Cross Sectional Anatomy. Abdominal Vasculature with answers

Another Team Project!! Divide your students into groups: provide an answer sheet, and give them 60 seconds to come up with a “team” answer.

Harry H. Holdorf