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An Educator’s Pledge

An Educator’s PledgePledgeBy Harry Hulbert Holdorf

Be a Sage

Prarie Dog Sage

Be a Sage

By Harry Hulbert Holdorf

What every person wants to hear from their doctor: OR Keep Looking and you will find someone who will tell you what you want to hear.



What Every Person Wants to Hear From Their Doctor

By Harry H. Holdorf

Just another reason why you shouldn’t require Group Projects… but I do anyway…

grumpy catBy Harry H. Holdorf

Just won a scholarship? Give a nice acceptance speech!!!


Scholarship Winner Speech

By Harry Hulbert Holdorf

When is a Door NOT a Door?


The “Dad Joke” answer is “when it’s ajar”.

But what about in this case? It IS a door!! Go with your gut instinct…keep telling yourself “It is what it is. It’s a Gosh-Darn door and that’s what I see, and that’s what I’ll report”.

By Harry H. Holdorf

Don’t insult the alligators until you’ve crossed the water.

unnamed (1)

Be careful about criticizing others.

By Harry H. Holdorf

Assessment Plan for a Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Assessment plan cartoon

Cover Sheet for ASSESSMENT PLAN 2015-2016 layout

Assessment Plan 2015-2016 with time frames and person responsible Fall 2015

Assessment Plan 2015-2016 with results Dec 15 Jan 16 Spring 16 Fall 16

By Harry H. Holdorf