By Harry H. Holdorf

The SONO SOAP-BOX is a makeshift electronic stand that will provide me with an opportunity to air my views publicly.

I will be ranting about some issue, usually healthcare related. It will be something that I am passionate about, and I can pretty much rant about my “issue of the day” without interruption.

For clarity, people used to stand on soap boxes to deliver public speeches and debates.



Just because something is old, does not mean it has lost its worth. Here are 5 reasons why Sonographers should hold on to their older machines:

  1. More mature relationships: you’ve grown old with your old machine. You know it’s good and bad points. It’s your baby.
  2. You’ve carved out a career with this thing. Can you actually kick it to the  curb after it’s given you the best years of it’s life?
  3. Looks aren’t everything. Sure, that new 2015 model looks sleek and cool, but come on. This old things is still handsome…no?
  4. There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap every now and then. You can’t crank out 20 cases in a row anymore without the old gal getting a little slow, so give her a rest every now and then and she’ll be just fine.
  5. You shouldn’t care what others think. A visitor from another hospital gives your old machine the stink eye or starts to giggle? Pay no mind. She’s still YOUR baby.

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