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Job Search Decisions

ArmstrongPicassoJob Search Decisions
By: Harry H. Holdorf

Job Search Decisions
(Pablo Picasso vs. Lance Armstrong)

    • How long should your resume’ be?
      • Lance Armstrong would make his resume’ 5 pages long, listing all his accomplishments from the past 10 years.
      • Pablo Picasso would: Write a resume’ not more than 2 pages long, highlighting his significant accomplishments.
    • Writing an Objective statement:
      • Lance Armstrong would write a three sentence objective, stating how he wants a job that would showcase his wonderful talents.
      • Pablo Picasso would write a one sentence objective, stating exactly what job he is applying to.
    • Checking typos:
      • Lance Armstrong would not proof read his resume’ and leave most of this Texting speak just where it is…lol.
      • Pablo Picasso would have his resume’ proof read by at least 3 other people.
    • Lying:
      • Lance Armstrong would well…you know the answer to this one.
      • Pablo Picasso would never, ever lie. No need to. He’s frickin’ Pablo Picasso!!
    • Tailoring the resume’ to the job
      • Lance Armstrong would be all over the place. He’d fill those 10 pages with stuff that had no relevance to the job he was applying to.
      • Pablo Picasso would know that he has to fill space, but would not sacrifice quality for quantity.
    • Including random, unrelated, or off-putting hobbies.
      • Lance Armstrong would list his love for running and swimming and that he’s active in this book club.
      • Pablo Picasso would List only hobbies that would be relevant to the job he is applying to.
    • Putting the wrong contact information:
      • Lance Armstrong would misspell his e-mail address and thus, would lose all hope of getting the job
      • Pablo Picasso would put his correct e-mail address, work phone, cell phone, Facebook account.
    • Not including one
      • Lance Armstrong would forget to include one.
      • Pablo Picasso WOULD include one.
    • Putting the wrong Company name on the cover letter
      • Lance Armstrong would. Yes, he would
      • Pablo Picasso: no way
    • Not making it clear why you want the position:
      • Lance Armstrong would just say he wants to be hired, but not why.
      • Pablo Picasso would say he wants the position and why the company would want to hire him.
    • Not responding back to the hiring manager in a timely manner
      • Lance Armstrong would wait about 3 days to say “ok, I’m free to interview”
      • Pablo Picasso would respond within 1 day
    • Showing up late:
      • Lance Armstrong would arrive about 10 minutes late and say “I’m HERE!!!”
      • Pablo Picasso would arrive about 10 minutes early, but not too early. (Showing up more than 30 minutes early is almost as bad as showing up late…ALMOST).
    • Having a terrible handshake
      • Lance Armstrong would extend a wet palm and have a weak handshake
      • Pablo Picasso would extend a dry palm and have a firm, NOT TOO FIRM, handshake.
    • Not doing enough research
      • Lance Armstrong would just show up for an interview and not research the company. He then would ask a few “stupid” questions (questions he should know the answers to).
      • Pablo Picasso would research his interview company and ask SMART questions (questions he would not be expected to know the answers to).
    • Talking too much
      • Lance Armstrong would talk on and on about his accomplishments and never take a breath
      • Pablo Picasso would let his accomplishes talk for themselves
    • Bad-Mouthing the old employer
      • Lance Armstrong would do just that
      • Pablo Picasso would never talk smack about anyone during an interview.
    • Getting too casual
      • Lance Armstrong would sit back and get close and personal
      • Pablo Picasso would keep it professional.
    • Not having questions for the interviewer
      • Lance Armstrong when asked “Do you have any questions for me?” would respond, “no”.
      • Pablo Picasso has three smart questions; those that he would not be expected to know the answers to.
    • Not sending a thank-you note:
      • Lance Armstrong would forget the names and titles of whom he met so he wouldn’t know who to send it to.
      • Pablo Picasso would take everyone’s name and titles down and send a thank-you note to everyone who has clout. He would do that between day one and day three after the interview.
    • Following up on Social Media
      • Lance Armstrong would reach out to the hiring manager using social media, showing everyone he knows how to use social media. Big deal
      • Pablo Picasso would never do this, knowing that reaching out via social medial is too cozy and could jeopardize his chances of getting the job.
    • Lance didn’t get the gig
    • Pablo did!

Student Case Log

Student Case Log
By: Harry H. Holdorf

Student Case Log Key:

  • O = Observe
  • P= Participate
  • C= Complete


Radiography Powerpoint

Radiography 1-2-3 Presentation
By: Harry H. Holdorf


This presentation covers the following topics regarding Radiography:

  • Historical Background
  • Indications for When to Order
  • Risks of Radiography
  • Benefits of Radiography
  • A Patient Being Put Through the Test: The Role of Ultrasonography In The Evaluation of Maxillary Sinusitis In Pediatrics

Radiation Therapy Powerpoint

Radiation Therapy 1-2-3 Presentation
By: Harry H. Holdorf

radiation therapy

This presentation covers the following topics regarding Radiation Therapy:

  • Historical Background
  • Indications for When to Order
  • Indications for When Used
  • Risks of Radiation Therapy
  • Benefits of Radiation Therapy
  • A Patient Being Put Through the Test: Steps for Ultrasound Examination of Tumors in Breast Cancer Patients involved in the Case Study