Cesarean Scar Pregnancy Powerpoint

Cesarean Scar Pregnancy Presentation
By: Harry H. Holdorf


  • What Is It?
    • Pregnancy sac located on the scar of a previous cesarean delivery
    • Diagnosis is difficult
    • False diagnosis can lead to hysterectomy or major
    • Incidence ranges 1 per 8000 and 1 per 2500 cesarean deliveries
  • Possible Risk Factors
    • Pregnancy occurring within 1 year of a cesarean delivery or after the first cesarean delivery
    • Previous abortions
    • Late diagnosis results in a more invasive method of termination
    • Possible scenario : reoccurring cesarean pregnancy or normal routine pregnancy
  • Common Case Descriptions
    • No discomfort, abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding
    • Experienced amenorrhea
    • Quick recovery time
      • ex: patient discharged hours later with no complications
  • Effective Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Transvaginal sonography most sufficient diagnostic tool
    • Less used diagnostic methods : MRI and hysteroscopy
    • Suction curettage most effective treatment in early cesarean pregnancy
  • Conclusion
    • Cesarean scar pregnancy has become a more serious problem in the last 10 years
    • Not enough time and research has been conducted in order to provide accurate risk factors, diagnostic methods or treatment methods
    • Over time research with larger case series can help determine these unknown factors

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