Great Expectations: How to Begin Your Career in Healthcare

Students, graduation is just the first step! Use the following materials in order to properly prepare for interviews and increase your chances of landing your first job in the healthcare field.

This Powerpoint presentation covers Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews, Follow-ups, Social Media, and everything in between.

  1. Study the night before: the organization – what do they do best? Who will interview you? Human resources, clinical personnel? Will be asked to scan?
  2. Come up with 3 to 5 questions that you know will be SMART questions. HINT: there is such a thing as a dumb question. Do not ask a question that you should know. Example: “What is your organization best known for?” You should know this already. Ask questions that you could not possible know the answers to, such as “Is the radiology department involved in the hospital’s 5-year plan? Is expansion of services on the horizon?”
  3. Dress for success. Not too casual, not too formal. Wear comfortable but fashionable shoes.
  4. Arrive 10 minutes early (The old saying “If you’re on time, you’re late” applies here). More than 10 minutes early and you will seem over-anxious. But, if you arrive late, then you’ve lost the job.
  5. Bring an extra copy of your resume’, portfolio, copies of your ARRT or ARDMS certifications, copy of your CPR card, etc. Also bring a copy of your references, which should be on a separate piece paper than your resume’.
  6. When you meet the administrative assistant of the person that will interview you, the interview has started! The person who will interview you may ask their assistant what they think about you. Put your best foot forward right away with a smile and a happy disposition when you walk through the front door.
  7. Shake the interviewer’s hand if they offer it. Give them a firm, but not too firm, handshake (Too firm is always better than too limp). Make sure your hand is dry and not sticky.
  8. If they offer you a drink, do not take it. Respectfully decline
  9. Sit in front of your chair, and sit straight up. Sit as though you are balancing a book on your head.
  10. If you are seated at a table, do not immediately put your arms on the table. This shows that you are aggressive, and may cause the interviewer to back away from you. You may put some papers and such on the table, but never your arms.

This next section is very important.

Think of this interview as a relationship. The person interviewing you is the mother or father of the person whom you want to date. This hospital/office is their baby, and they are protecting it. They want to pick the right person for their “child”. Try to get the mom or dad of your potential mate to like you.

Also, remember that the most important person in that room is not you, but the interviewer.  They do not particularly like you, as you are perceived as a gamble. If they hire you and you turn out to be a bad employee, it looks bad for them. You need to make them look good.

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