Orientation Agenda

Orientation Agenda By: Harry H. Holdorf

Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Study Skills/Time management workshop


I will try to scare you. Then try to help you.

What does it take…? What are our standards and expectations of ourselves?
Is it possible to manage time, or does it really manage us?
Weekly mapping: the way things are now
Weekly mapping: adding the program (things will never be the same…)
Study Skills-Massive handout…sorry ‘bout that.

You will need support system
Safe zones
Down time
Semester mapping

Getting to know yourself so you can play well with others.

Test time. Sorry ‘bout that, again.
Determining your Communication style
Determining your communication profile

Focus on the parameters of the performance cycle.

Section III
“People are promoted to their level of Incompetence”

Feedback – what happens when a two-way street only goes one way?

The effects of not listening to others can be detrimental to your career
There are more barriers to listening than you can imagine.
The traits the most effective leaders possess are: Being visible, Approachable, Connected, Consistent
Does your CI have these traits? Do you?
The individuals whom are “in Charge” of us will view us based on our personality, skill sets and motivators and visa versa.
For every task performed, we have a certain amount of willingness and ability to complete the task.
Based on two factors, we choose the appropriate leadership style to complete the task. (willingness and skill sets).
The two types of feedback we will receive are of two types- reinforcement and development. What happens if we don’t get a mix of the two?

Section IV
Forming a study group – Group vs. isolated learning

The KWHL matrix
Two group exercise…and then we are done.

Find your comfort area
Two sets of eyes are better than one
Give in and be a part of the health care TEAM


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