Clinical Attendance Memorandum

Educators, consider creating a contract between you and the students via a memorandum of understanding regarding the importance of clinical attendance.

The following is an example of a memo that I have previously used as a clinical coordinator:

To:          Sonography Students

CC:         Clinical Coordinator

From:     Harry H.Holdorf

Date:      1/5/2015

Re:         Days off from clinical

Your attendance within the clinical setting is vital to your success within the program. Given the amount of cases that you have to complete on your own (objectives/competencies) and the number of cases you must log as either observed, participated, or completed, it is vital that you attended every single hour that is afforded to you at your assigned clinical affiliates.

Therefore, towards the end of every semester, the program faculty will review your file and count the number of absences you have accrued during that semester. All absences will be counted (excused and unexcused). If more than 4 absences are observed within any given semester, the faculty will formally meet with you and discuss the following:

  • The likelihood that you will complete the program within the prescribed time period of 5 Semesters.
  • The chance that you may attend clinical hours after the formal completion of the program in order to make up any missed cases (Observed, Participated, and Completed) and completion of all objectives/competencies). Your attendance within this additional clinical time will come with an additional charge.
  • The possibility that you will not complete all the program within 90 days of the course completion (end December) and that all competencies/objectives will become voided.

It then behooves you to attend clinical on a regular basis and not miss days.

The body of this memorandum will appear as an addendum to your clinical handbook and takes effect immediately upon the date shown above.


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