Clinical Practicum 2: Skills Lab Objective

Educators, the following is a suggestion/example for the second clinical practicum: Clinical Practicum 2 Skills Lab Objectives

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

 When:                  Every Wednesday

Location:             SKILLS LABORATORY

Group B               9-12noon

Group A               1-4pm

  • Week One: Complete abdomen
  • Week Two: Complete abdomen
  • Week Three: Complete abdomen
  • Week Four: Transvaginal
  • Week Five: Transvaginal
  • Week Six: Obstetrics
  • Week Seven: Mid-semester testing
  • Week Eight: Small parts –Thyroid/Breast
  • Week Nine: Small parts-Thyroid / Breast
  • Week Ten: Vascular – Extra-cranial (Carotids/Vertebral/jugular
  • Week Eleven: Vascular – Extra-cranial (Carotids/Vertebral/Jugular
  • Week Twelve: Vascular-venous legs
  • Week Thirteen: Vascular – venous legs
  • Week Fourteen: Presentations (project)
  • Week Fifteen: Terminal testing

NOTE:   Lab coats must be worn when in skills lab area. Those without a lab coat will not be allowed in the Sills Laboratory area and will be given a zero for that day’s evaluation.


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