Career Fair Agenda

Career Presentation AGENDA
By: Harry H. Holdorf


Upon completion of the TALK, the student will be able to:

  • Define Sonography
  • List the diagnostic Medical Sonographers’ job description
  • Identify at least two areas in which ultrasound regulation is lax
  • List the technical standards for the Sonographer
  • Identify the different types of ultrasound programs
  • Recognize what it takes to become a successful student in a diagnostic medical Sonography program
  • List at least three divisions of ultrasound specialties
  • Identify obstetrical applications of sonography
  • Identify gynecological applications of sonography
  • Identify abdominal applications of sonography
  • Identify breast applications of sonography
  • Complete the KWHL matrix
    • K: what you already KNOW about the subject.
    • W: what you WANT to learn.
    • H: figuring out HOW you can learn more about the topic.
    • L: what you LEARN as you read.

Complete and hand-in homework:
What is ultrasound?
Is it useful? Explain.

Fact Point:

The top 10 jobs with an Associate in Science Degree

  1. Dental hygienist
  2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  3. Respiratory Therapist
  4. Radiologic Technologist
  5. Occupational Therapy Assistant
  6. Physical Therapist Assistant
  7. Cardiovascular technologist and Technician
  8. Licensed Nurse
  9. Surgical Technologist
  10. Massage Therapist

Q: Will you be wiling to locate to find your job?

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