Student Presentation Evaluation Rubric

Use this Rubric anytime/anywhere for evaluating your students’ presentation:
Anytime Anywhere Rubric

“This rubric is designed to make clear the grading process for this course by informing you, the student, the key elements that are required and expected to produce a quality presentation.”

Utilize the following scale to grade each of the criterion listed below:
5=Excellent        4=Very good        3=Good        2=Fair        1=Poor

  1. Presentation
    1. The purpose and focus are clear and concise
    2. The main topic is clear, significant, and challenging.
    3. Organization is purposeful, effective, and appropriate.
    4. Sentence form and word choice are varied and appropriate.
    5. PowerPoint, images, graphs, charts, etc. are appropriate.
  2. Content
    1. Information and evidence are accurate, appropriate and are integrated effectively.
    2. Points and facts are supported and elaborated.
    3. Alternative perspectives are carefully considered and represented.
  3. Critical Thinking
    1. Connections between ideas are made
    2. Analysis/synthesis/evaluation/interpretation is effective and consistent.
    3. Independent thinking is evident.
    4. Creativity/originality is evident.
    5. Documents evidence (handouts) appropriately.

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