General Purpose Ultrasound Phantom

phantomWonderful for quality assurance labs, you can find it here:

The basic standard for ultrasound quality assurance.

The series of ultrasound phantoms, unlike human subjects or random scannable materials, offers a reliable medium which contains specific, known test objects for repeatable qualitative assessment of ultrasound scanner performance over time. This phantom is constructed from the patented solid elastic material Zerdine®.

Zerdine®, unlike other phantom materials on the market, is not affected by changes in temperature. It can be subjected to boiling or freezing conditions without sustaining significant damage. Zerdine® is also more elastic than other materials and allows more pressure to be applied to the scanning surface without subsequent damage to the material. At normal or room temperatures, the Zerdine® material found in the Model 054 will accurately simulate the ultrasound characteristics found in human liver tissue.

Designed to allow for axial resolution, lateral response width, uniformity, dead zone measurements, depth of visualization, high and low contrast mass imaging, and distance calibration.

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