First-Day Clinical Orientation

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
First-Day Clinical Assignment
Department Orientation

Upon arrival to the department of your assigned clinical affiliate, you as the student should be oriented to the department. This must include the completion of the following OBJECTIVES:

  1. Describe the location of the crash cart, fire extinguisher, oxygen, and suction.
  2. State the names of the reading physicians and supervisor.
  3. Gave the locations and briefly give a summary of the following policies:
    1. signing in and out
    2. Lunch
    3. Breaks
    4. Phone calls
    5. parking
  4. Describe the department layout
  5. Describe the equipment used for recording procedures
  6. Describe the location of the linen
  7. List the location of the departmental procedural manual
  8. Describe the location of wheelchairs and stretchers and explain the patient room numbering system.
  9. Describe the flow pattern of the requisition/exam ordering system.
  10. Describe the procedure for logging patients.

These objectives must be met the first day of your clinical assignment. They must be handed in during the next regularly scheduled didactic day.

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