Does your school have a Project Registration Promise Form?

Any CAAHEP accredited
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Dear Ultrasound student:

Under PROJECT REGISTRATION, our goal is to achieve 100% registry rate for each graduating class.

PROJECT REGISTRATION involves several Steps that will allow us to achieve our goal.

They are:

  • Forming a study group: sharing of ideas works wonders
  • Graduating from the program ON TIME.
  • Taking the SPI exam as soon as your Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation courses are completed and you have passed them both with at least a “C” (Please have money set aside to register for this exam).
  • Completing multiple mock registry exams from the school’s library of registry review materials.
  • Attending an outside Registry Review, if possible.
  • Choosing to sit for an ARDMS specialty exam (one that your school is accredited for) prior to graduating.
  • Applying to the ARRT/Sonography Primary
  • Sitting for the ARRT/Sonography Primary as soon as you graduate.
  • Taking several mock mini-exams available from the ARDMS website.
  • Studying your notes from the program
  • Looking over your textbooks
  • Taking another ARDMS specialty board as soon as you finish the ARRT exam.

Within one month of graduation, you should display the following after your name:

Mr./ Ms. Sonographer RDMS (multiple registries), ARRT(S)

I have read and understand the goals of Project Registration and will abide by the steps that are required to achieve a 100% pass rate for all of the graduates of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program.

_____________________________                      _____________
Student Name                                                                               Date


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